Kids’ playground

Children of all ages will enjoy our meticulously designed playground that offers kids so much to explore. Let your happy child sway blissfully on the swings or bounce blithely on the colorful spring riders while you enjoy a good swim or a relaxing spa session. Our amazing playground will not only provide recreation and enjoyment but will also help your offspring develop physical coordination, flexibility, strength and social skills.  You have never seen your child happier.

Your kids will have a wide variety of recreational equipment among which

  • seesaws
  • swingset
  • slides
  • jungle gyms
  • chin-up bars
  • spring riders
  • playhouse
  • and many other facilities that your children will adore
Playground, chin-up barsHappy children on the playgroundPlayhouse with a slidePlayground's jungle gymsPlayground's slidesPlayground's playhouseSwingsetKids playrgound